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Clan Crest Silver

Armiger and Clan Chief Commissions

The photos shown below are examples of private commissions carried out for Armigers and Clan Chiefs. Each of the badge master models/moulds are stored for future use in the event that additional pieces are required. As you can see, once the master has been created, a pin can be made from the centre crest or a brooch using the circlet only. All that we require is a good graphic representation of the crest from which Roddy will work. 

As a rough guide on price, the master model for an Armiger Badge costs £355 and then the piece cast in silver another £295. Once you own the master however, any number of further pieces can be cast from it: brooches, belt buckle centre, pin etc. (Please note that items sent to countries outwith the UK can attract local taxes and customs charges upon delivery. These are sadly outwith our control and we are not responsible for them.)

If you would like to speak to Roddy about a potential commission, or have an idea for something you would like made, please Contact Us.